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We refer our residents to therapeutic activities every day.
We consider them a vital adjunct to our work as rehabilitation providers as well as long-term caregivers. 

Our range of medical
equipment include:


  • Supplemental Oxygen

  • Ventilators

  • Oximetry Devices

  • Portable Life Support Ventilators

  • Nebulizers and Compressors

Our range of mobility solutions include:


  • Wheelchair Lifts

  • Bath Lifts

  • Public Access Products

  • Vehicle Adaptations

  • Scooter Rental

  • Wheelchair Rental 

  • Therapeutic recreation reverses the downward spiral of depression.

  • Structured days are happier days.

  • Activities are more vital when all time is leisure time.

  • Therapeutic recreation allows residents to continue or create new identities.

  • Activities foster socialization with peers.

  • Life needs purpose.

  • Apart from medical care, therapeutic recreation is the best reason to be in a nursing home.

Our Monthly Activities Calendar

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